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Day Five – Friday

February 6, 2010

I usually work on Fridays but not this Friday.  I am working Saturday instead.  When I mentioned the change of plan to “The Pig” the other night, he kinda rolled his eyes and the sides of his mouth sort of twitched.  I don’t know why.  If this man doesn’t want to be with me you’d have thought he would be grateful that I wouldn’t be around for one of his two days off, wouldn’t you?  Perhaps he already had plans for a Friday night out and didn’t plan on having to be around Saturday morning for his Son.  As I type this at 4.45pm, his Son has been home from school for well over an hour and we have had no phone call.  Admittedly he could be in a Meeting or busy and this week he seems to have stopped ringing him as soon as we get home (which he always used to do).  Needless to say he hasn’t rung me all day.  This from a man that used to ring me numerous times a day with nothing of great interest to say and usually when my hands were either in the sink or down the toilet.

My cheeks are burning, a sure fire sign that my blood pressure is rising, as I already begin to worry about tomorrows childcare if he doesn’t come home.  I shall wait till about 6pm and if we haven’t heard from him, I will text to remind him that I am working tomorrow as no doubt he will go out and say he completely forgot, or deny that I ever told him.  Not that a simple little text would stop him from doing exactly as he wants because I know it wouldn’t make one iota of difference to him, if he wants to go out, he will, end of.

I waited till 5.40pm and text him.  That was 20 minutes ago and no reply. WTF?  I just said don’t forget I am working tomorrow as I told you the other night and why haven’t you rung your Son.  Soon after my text, the landline rang, and little Man ran to it, but it wasn’t his Dad.  That is the third time it has rung since he has been home from school and each time he has run to it, obviously thinking it is his Dad.  He deserves better than this, a decent Father who doesn’t put his friends and a few pints before his own child.  I can see I will be frantically trying to organise something in the morning.  Childcare has been a nightmare with only one daughter left at home who has a Saturday job.  No doubt I will have to find a way of getting my Mum up here, even though, when it suits him, TP says she is too old and that he doesn’t want her looking after him, not that at nine years old, he needs much looking after, more like he looks after her.  TP’s Mum goes to Tesco on a Saturday morning with her friend and they have breakfast there and I know for a fact, she wouldn’t give that up to look after her Grandson, she is not really like that and rarely looks after, although she is good to us in other ways.

Well its now 6.40pm and he obviously isn’t coming home as he hasn’t rung or text to say he is on the coach and he always does.  I am so freaking mad.  His going out doesn’t usually bother me, but when he knows I have work!  What a complete Wanker!

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  1. February 6, 2010 1:18 pm

    I hope you managed to get the child care sorted…..sounds as though you need to get lots sorted out. I know I’ve said it before but what about marriage guidance counselling? Take care. xx

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