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Day Four – A pretty nothing day

February 5, 2010

Thursday.  Boring waste of a day.  I know that sounds horrible as I spent it with my Mother in Law, she had to go for a pre-assessment for a future minor op.  It was seeing the Nurse, then go for a blood test, an ECG, then we waited 1 1/2 hrs for her prescription.  We left at 10am and I got home just before School.  I was just doing my duty.  Can’t really say No, can you?  Trying to be the dutiful Daughter in Law, like I was the other week, when I cut his Dad’s hair.  His Dad has been in hospital since September and I have done more than my fair share, considering it isn’t my Dad.  As “The Pig” can only really visit on weekends due to his long work day, very often I go one day, as he doesn’t want to go on both of his days off.  Does he appreciate the fact that I have done this – I doubt it.  I know his Mum is grateful and I do it to help her out aswell but even so, the upshot is, if he wasn’t my husband with the parents he has, I wouldn’t have to do it, would I?

I didn’t hear from him all day.  He rang about 4.30pm and spoke to the Boy.  Every time he speaks to him, he always says “Is Mum there” and I know this because our Son always says “yeah Mum is here”.  Honestly, where does he think I am?  The Boy handed the phone over because he wanted to speak to me.  He just asked if his Mum had got on OK and then proceeded to tell me that he had the hump with me because I had woken him up in the night and he said he never got back to sleep.  I just said “Nothing new there then” (meaning about me giving him the hump) and he said “I will speak to you later” which I assumed meant he would either ring or text one of us to say he was either on his way home, or was going out.  He did neither.  At 8.20pm I gathered he was a “no show” and the Boy asked me if his Dad was coming home.  I told him I didn’t think so as he would have been in by now and the Boy said “well he didn’t say he was going out when he spoke to me” .  I just shrugged and said he must have forgotten.  Always covering for him, as you have to, to spare the kids feelings.

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  1. February 6, 2010 12:56 am

    Oh there is nothing worse than waiting…..pure torture not knowing if they’ll be home etc…did he come home? Really feel for you. xx

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