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Day Three – A crushed hand and a hair

February 4, 2010

Wednesday.  I was working all day.  I texted him to ask if I could get £20 out of the account to pay for my waxing and no sooner had I pressed send, as the work phone rang and it was him.  He said there was no problem but why did I ask, as I don’t usually.  I just said that things are different now and he didn’t press the issue any further.

I cooked Spagetti Bolognese last night but he said he didn’t want any when he came in.  Not even half an hour later, he was in the kitchen dishing himself up a plate of the meat and I offered to cook some fresh spagetti but he declined.  He came into the lounge with a plate of the mince topped off with some grated cheese and a few mouthfuls in, shuddered with disgust and pulled this massive long hair (mine obviously) out of his mouth and threw it on the floor! Oh the horror I felt inside, I can’t tell you.  I wanted to laugh but I know how he feels about these things.  “Look at this” he said, with a face screwed up like a bulldog chewing a wasp.  “Well I can’t help it” I said, “what do you want me to do wear a chef’s hat and a hairnet?”.  He then handed the plate out towards me and said “here you are, take it out”  I replied with “no your alright, I am not a waitress, if you don’t want it, you take it out” .  Luck really isn’t on my side at the moment is it? 

He later insisted that we put up a Beauty Bed I had bought as he wanted to see what it was like, to make sure it was sturdy and in good condition.  I got it for an absolute “song” anyway, compared to what they cost new.  Now that Daughter 1 wants to take her bed, I am planning to convert her bedroom, so that I can do clients from home, just for when people want things done on days I don’t work.  I will really need to build up my client base, especially if he leaves, well even if he doesn’t, I need more money to assist in paying out for Daughter 2 at Uni.  We were struggling a bit, as you do with a new piece of equipment and at one stage the bed collapsed, trapping my hand, which is and feels crushed, it really bloody hurts to be honest, thank God its my left!

I was telling my friend about the plans for the room and she said “I really admire you, you worked in London for all those years but since you have had the little one, you are always doing something and re-training in Beauty at your age, there are not many women who would even bother to enter a whole new industry.  It took me back to a time when “The Pig” had once said I was full of ideas and always trying something new, but I am sure now, it means nothing to him, he doesn’t care and rarely takes an interest.  I tried to tell him about something at work on Sunday and he just said “I am not interested”.  He doesn’t seem to realise that I gave up my Job in London because I was having his Son and we considered my Mum to be too old to look after him as she had done with my Girls.  Sure I could go back to work in London, bring home a good wage and release some pressure off of him but who is going to look after the Boy from 3.20pm until 7.30pm when I get home, or worse still in the mornings, when the last coach leaves at 6.45am?  I have made sacrifices to give him the Child he wanted, but as with most men who want to go their own way, all that is forgotten now.  I have just tried to do the best I can to bring in some extra income, my ideas haven’t always been successful, but at least I have tried.  There are lots of women who wouldn’t even bother.  Even with all the time he has been out of work, I have never seen him sitting at the computer, listing on Ebay, it is always me, sorting things out, trying to make a few quid.  Does it never enter his head that I may actually miss being “up town”, nice lunches at nice restaurants, just having a life?

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  1. February 4, 2010 1:42 pm

    Oh….do you know what you want? Do you want to carry on living like this? Sounds exciting working from home. Are you still doing some training or is it all finished now? X

  2. marriedwithfour permalink*
    February 4, 2010 4:05 pm

    I do have plans to do more training in the coming months as I feel if doing treatments from home I need to offer a few more things.
    No I don’t really want to carry on living like this, but obviously I don’t know what his plans are. I am going to try and talk to him again this weekend and try to ascertain if and when he plans to go.

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