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How to save your marriage and this is a frigging joke

September 10, 2009

According to the News on GMTV this morning, 8% of couples in their 40’s and 50’s sleep in separate rooms, but research shows that lack of sleep whether it be due to your partners snoring, fidgeting, getting up to go to the loo, putting the light on, or getting up for work early, is often the cause of Divorce and some serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke.  Apparently, to achieve a long and happy marriage more couples should consider sleeping in different rooms.  From my own experience, this is not ideal.  I took to the spare room a while back and then the other week, decided to creep back into the martial bed where I slept soundly for a few hours, until “The Pig” got up for work and put the bloody light on at 5.30am and starting dropping coat hangers on a wooden floor!  Now do please bear in mind that this was during the school holidays, so I was not happy and stomped back off to the spare room to grab an extra hour.  From a personal point of view, I don’t think that sleeping apart can be good for a marriage, because all bodily contact and intimacy becomes obsolete.  Take off to the spare room if one of you is ill or has to get up early etc so OK in the short term, but on the whole I don’t recommend it.  It also needs to be taken into consideration the fact that there can be no making up after a row, which of course, happens frequently in the MWF household!  It is easier for a man to say sorry when he fancies a bit of romance between the sheets and us women, being the suckers that we are, would usually accept an apology at this time and then any previous hostility can be forgotten, we can both move on and get up for work whistling the next morning.  So don’t be tempted to fall into the trap I have, where it feels difficult to go back to sleep in your own room, if you have a marriage worth saving……..

I awoke this morning, in the spare room, as his lordship put the hallway light on.  Admittedly it as just as my alarm was going off at 6am anyway, but felt it was unneccessary and may not only affect me, as Little Man’s door was ajar aswell.  I am sure he could see what he was doing as it was pretty light by then anyway.  He then said rather too loudly “This is a fucking joke” as he attempted to put yesterdays work shirt into the washing basket that I had left a basket of ironing on the top of.  Naturally, I took no notice and as usual I laid there and thought to myself, here we go, we had an evening without cross words where he was in a fairly good mood and then he is in a strop again.  His moods are so difficult to predict and one minute Mr Nice becomes Mr Angry.  He could have left the shirt on the floor, it wouldn’t have been a problem on this occasion, bloody hell, he has enough other shit and clothing on the bedroom floor and I would have realised why he had done it, but why put lights on and whinge, rather loudly, when you risk waking up a child who went to bed late because of last nights England football match?  Sometimes I really don’t understand how he fails to consider other people in the house, he has no respect for me, that is obvious, but to not consider the sleeping son, he adores……

Once I was up and my eyes were fully focused, I text him to ask what had happened with Derren Browns lottery predictions on Channel 4 last night, as yet I still have no reply and that was three hours ago, so one can only assume that my leaving the ironing on top of the washing basket has put him in a foul mood – again!

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  1. September 10, 2009 10:34 pm

    I hope all that making up is worth it! :0/

  2. marriedwithfour permalink*
    September 11, 2009 6:11 pm

    What making up, I haven’t done any making up, I am still in spare room, I only went in there one night when I couldn’t sleep and it was good few weeks back, I miss my own bed…..


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